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Bureau of Land and Resources in Changsha County - Data protection under hybrid IT architecture

   Department of Land and Resources, is responsible for managing, protecting, planning and utilizing land, minerals, ocean resources and so on. The Bureau of Land and Resources of Changsha County (hereinafter referred to as ‘The bureau’) oversees all land-related functional departments and administrative enforcement departments in the county. It has been honoured with ‘Advanced unit’ and ‘Civilized unit’ for multiple times.

   The information centre of the Department of Land and Resources of Changsha County is responsible for planning and carrying out construction of information system and network of land and resources.

   The bureau was instructed to implement a ‘Geospatial framework’ programme including an e-government platform and a private network for land and resources. The programme has several key business systems: a front-end WEB system, a back-end GIS system, a city-county integrated system, a sub-service system, a virtualization support system, databases and self-developed applications, which are based on two distinctive network segments on Windows, Linux, and VMware hybrid IT architecture. Any data loss could result in business downtime and incalculable economic loss. The challenge is to improve resource utilization ratio and optimize system performance meanwhile simplifying deployment and subsequent management process.

   Adopts DBackup to separate backup pools and protect two major business platforms with one data protection system. Hosts in virtualization systems can be restored to the original or an alternate host without installing any agents. It also supports granular restore for files, making it much easier to deploy and more convenient to manage.

   Our high-concurrency multi-channel technology significantly shortens backup period to just one hour, relieving pressure on production hosts. All backup data will be verified through a disaster recovery drill platform automatically to check its availability.

Integrated backup under hybrid IT architecture, recovery drills

  • Unified data protection under segmented network environment

  • Online protection under virtualized environment

  • Concurrent multi-channel backup of massive files

  • Automated disaster recovery drills

   Its superior stability, security and agility have made it an excellent choice for multiple industries, for more information, follow us on Wechat and stay tuned!