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A data protection solution for Housing Fund Management Center

   The importance of housing fund information is undoubtful. It integrates ID, phone number, home address and payment information of each and everyone involved. Any information leak could expose such private information to criminals to conduct credit card theft or any other criminal activities.

   The Housing Fund Management Center is responsible for collecting and managing housing fund information. A system breakdown caused by technological failure, corrupt device, maloperation, disasters or other accidents could divulge private information, disrupt business or even contribute to criminal activities.

Scutech has won the bid for Dingxi City Housing Fund Management Center in Gansu Province with its advanced R&D capability and customized a comprehensive data protection solution for the center.

   The center undertakes payment and approval of use of housing fund within Dingxi city. It used to deploy an Oracle database on an AIX machine, any failure of which could immediately disrupt business or even lose data.

  • Server breakdown

   As its key business data are all stored on an AIX server, the odds of hardware breakdown would significantly increase with years passing by. It is not impossible that data could be lost as a consequence.

  • The previous backup method is simple, complex and not efficient.

   It previously wrote scripts to perform timely backup, which requires rather expertise.

  • No off-site disaster recovery

   All important business data could be at stake in case of a disaster in the local data center.

  • No automated disaster recovery drills

   Data availability cannot be verified.

   The solution deploys DBackup and an IBM x86 server to provide automated real-time protection for Oracle database on the AIX machine. It will automatically perform full and incremental backup and uses data compression and deduplication technology to improve backup efficiency.

   Create a same Oracle database environment as the Dingxi machine room and build a database synchronization system with the Oracle database in Dingxi data center through DBackup, data will be synchronized for off-site disaster recovery to prevent data loss due to a disaster.

   Meanwhile, its disaster recovery drill module can back up important data to the disaster recovery drill server on a timely basis to verify data availability.

   It also features a wizard design UI that is simple to use and allows users to deploy backup/recovery strategy within 6 steps.


Automated backup and recovery of Oracle database

Efficient real-time data backup and recovery

Off-site disaster recovery

Disaster recovery drills to verify data availability

Ensured independency and controllability with domestic backup and disaster recovery products

   Recently, the MOHURD (Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural Development of the People's Republic of China) has issued a Guideline on Informatization Construction of Housing Fund Information, which explicitly states that the departments should build an information system with storage and devices that meets not only current demands but also future needs. It also states that departments should purchase domestic products and services with advanced and mature technologies. Scutech, as the only vendor in China that can provide completely domestic all-in-one backup/recovery solution, will keep devoted to product research and technology innovation and serve as a data guardian.

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