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  • InfoKist is an enterprise-level backup & disaster recovery device that incorporates our independently developed DBackup into the utilized cloud storage server. The algorithms embedded will be adjusted according to different features and configurations of the hardware to optimize performance.

    InfoKist is an autonomous and domestic data security protection product. It exhibits extraordinary performance even compared with similar international products. It has been widely used in governments, educational institutions, hospitals and enterprises.

    InfoKist has completely domestic from the CPU to its OS. It adopts Kylin OS and DBackup on domestic storage servers with Loongson or FT CPUs. This domestic range has been very popular among government institutions and the military.

  •    Basic functions

    • Enterprise-level heterogeneous data protection

    • Enterprise-level heterogeneous database protection

    • Protection for office applications

    • Protection for popular operating systems

    • A complete solution for virtualization platforms


    •    Hot backup of MySQL database  

    •    NDMP backup

    •    Instant backup for massive small files

    •    Highly utilized storage pool    

    •    Hot backup of Informix database

    •    CLRP (Continuous Log Real-time Protection)

    •    Recovery for a single Exchange mail

    •    D2T (Disk to Tape) storage

    •    Security-enhanced backup and recovery

       Data disaster recovery

    • High availability cluster

    • CDP (Continuous Data Protection)

    • Zero data loss

    • Remote disaster recovery

       Data management

    •    Synthetic backup

    •    High-density data compression

    •    Accurate data de-duplication

    •    External validation for file backup

    •    Periodical disaster recovery drills for databases

    •    Custom speed control

    •    Data encryption

       Operation and maintenance management

    • Different authorizations for different users

    • Data transmission under poor network conditions

    • Supports popular external storage device

    • Supports backup via LAN-Free network

    • Multiple backup and recovery methods

    • Multiple storage modes and functions

    • Custom backup strategies

    • One-key turn-off

    • Distributed multi-level management and unified monitoring

    • Easy to deploy and expand

     Simple to configure the system and features scalable storage

    •   Professional design

      Tailored hardware for data backup, protection and high availability

    • Extraordinary performance

      Up to 1,024 GB buffer memory.

    • Large capacity

      Up to 380 TB storage.

    • Dynamic workload balancing

      Unique multi-network-card workload balancing technology to optimize system performance and avoid network bottleneck.

    •   Dynamic energy-saving

     Automatic energy control according to workloads to save energy at low workload and ensure high performance at heavy workload

    • 3C certification

      InfoKist has been approved by 3C (China Compulsory Certification).

    • All-in-one design

      it integrates large capacity, a high-performance server and backup management & monitoring software all in one

    • Smart management

      Supports remote monitoring and management and alarm for abnormalities.

  • InfoKist has three types:

    1. InfoKist-Desktop targets departments and features low power consumption;

    2. InfoKist-Rack targets enterprises and exhibits high performance;

    3. InfoKist-Cabinet has a large storage capacity, which can meet various levels of customer requirements.

    • InfoKist-Desktop (DK1000 Series)







      Mini Tower

      1U Rack


      Single Processor, Dual Core

      Single Processor, 6-Core, V3

      Storage drive

      8TB (4*2TB)  SATA HD

      16TB (4*4TB)  SATA HD

      4 slot

      System drive

      1*64GB SSD

      1*120GB SSD


      8G RAM

      16G RAM

      Network interface

      2*1G Ethernet

      RAID card


      1G RAID card


      Can authorize up to 30 clients for access of basic modules  (databases, files, operating systems or combinations of above)

      Can authorize up to 30 clients for access of basic modules  (databases, files, operating systems or combinations of above)

      Unlimited clients

    • InfoKist-Rack (DK2000 Series)







      2U  rack


      Single Processor, 6 Core, V3

      Single Processor, 8 Core, V3

      Dual Processor, 16 Core, V4

      Storage Drive

      12  slot

      12*2TB  NLSAS HD + 4*2TB NLSAS HD(embedded)

      System Drive

      1*120GB SSD

      2*120GB SSD


      32G  RAM

      16G  RAM

      32G  RAM

      Network Interface

      2*1G Ethernet

      4*1 Ethernet

      RAID Card

      1G+Super  Capacitor



      Unlimited clients

    • InfoKist-Rack (DK3000, 4000 Series)






      3U Rack

      4U Rack


      Dual Processor,  12 Core, V3

      Storage drive

      16 slot

      38 slot

      System drive

      2*120G SSD


      64G RAM

      Network  Interface

      2-1G Ethernet

      RAID card

      1G RAID card (incl. Super Capacitor)


      Unlimited clients

    • InfoKist-Rack (Domestic series)






      2U Rack


      Dual Processor

      Single Core Processor

      Storage drive

      8 slot




      Network Interface

      2*1G Ethernet

      4*1G Ethernet


      Unlimited clients

    • InfoKist-Cabinet

      InfoKist-Cabinet is a complete disaster recovery solution that targets large enterprises and public institutions. It can provide PB-class backup and disaster recovery for thousands of servers and has become the first choice for centralized backup and disaster recovery solution that requires large capacity and high performance.

      It has a maximum storage capacity of 24.576PB and a maximum bandwidth of 6,680 MB/s.

      InfoKist-Cabinet is a robust and comprehensive device that supports backup and recovery of files, databases, logical volumes, operating systems, virtual machines and video streams. It supports backup methods such as full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, scheduled backup, rolling backup and real-time backup. It also provides CDP (Continuous Data Protection), service migration and instant switch to ensure zero data loss and provide service uninterruptedly.

      InfoKist can restore the application scenarios to any point-in-time; it guarantees a smooth and efficient operation of the disaster recovery center with multiple technologies such as its unique two-way parelleling transmission and control of multiplexing bakcup / recovery data streams, massive high-speed caching, load balancing, structure-free shared storage, instant recovery, flow control, previous version management, online data access and massive disaster recovery data storage and management.