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Data protection solution for Wuhan Property Registration Center

Immovable property is an immovable object, an item of property that cannot be moved without destroying or altering it – property that is fixed to the earth, such as land or a house. Immovable property includes premises, property rights (for example, inheritable building right), houses, land and associated goods, and chattels if they are located on, or below, or have a fixed address.

Immovable property registration, as a means of property publication, is essentially a de facto act that will cause judicial effects. The executive meeting of the State Department explicitly states that the Ministry of Land and Resources oversees immovable property registration and construct a property registration system.

The Notice on Construction of Information Management Platform of Property Registration instructs that the information platform should be deployed on the ‘Land resource cloud’ built by the Ministry of Land and Resources and emphasizes the importance of adding information security on the agenda:

By the end of 2015, complete a trial run of the information platform;

By 2016, complete collecting and storing property registration data in a unified database;

By 2017, complete a nationwide deployment of property registration platform and accelerates the process of information platform construction;


In new times, data security and high availability have become a matter of urgency as the State has issued a series of policies concerning informatization. With appliances aging and the lack of proper backup system, data loss could happen at any time. It is rather urgent to deploy a complete and secure HA information system to back up data.


A complete, secure and high-availability basic architecture platform is built with Scutech products, integrating seamlessly with the existing virtualization platform of the client. It dynamically distributes resources on-demand for each application and maximizes computing resources with virtualization technology, which should cope with future demands in 3 to 5 years. HA of storage resources is realized with storage active-active technology. The system is scalable, stable and easy-to-maintain.

General framework of the solution


With virtualization technology, it distributes resources on-demand, guarantees elastic extension, exploits server performance, improves resource utilization and minimizes waste of resources; meanwhile, it adopts VMWare server cluster and vomtion technology to realize application HA.


It uses InfoDitto and storage active-active technology to writes data into two Scutech storage appliances through a link replicator to ensure storage HA, which does not occupy host resources on production end and interfere with applications. In case of malfunction to the master storage, it can instantly switch to the secondary storage to ensure continuous operation.

Data protection

A unified backup platform to back up VMs, files, databases and operating systems. Customize your own backup policy and create a data protection policy to protect data integrity, confidentiality and availability.

  • Applies Scutech products to ensure seamless integration and optimize performance.

  • Realizes HA from application level to storage level to ensure RTO and RPO.

  • The solution is simple to deploy, easy to maintain and user-friendly.

The construction of a nationwide system of property registration followed by exponential growth of data will inevitably bring the question of how to protect national and personal data. Scutech, is devoted to developing reliable yet flexible data protection solutions to our customers.

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