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  • Scutech Improves Your Security Posture & Approach Your IT Infrastructure Differently

    Scutech Corporation (Scutech), founded in 2009, is a nationally certified high-tech enterprise with internationally advanced data backup technology. Scutech is devoted to the R&D and marketing of operation and maintenance level storage and backup hardware-software products with independent intellectual property rights. With its strong core technology research capacity, standardized hardware-software development and management process as well as a specialized technical support team, Scutech has become the only manufacturer in China that can produce completely domestic all-in-one backup and recovery solutions for customers from various industries. Taking national data security as its own responsibility and aiming at developing into a world-class backup and disaster recovery enterprise, Scutech provides economical, efficient, secure and reliable backup and disaster recovery products and services for enterprises, government institutions and individual customers.  

    • A national brand, devoted to national data security

    In April 2014, Scutech was funded by CEC (China Electronics Corporation) and became a safeguard of national data security.

    CEC was founded in May 1989, a state-owned conglomerate directly administered by the State. It is the largest state-owned IT corporation in China and mainly provides electronics and IT products and services.

    Concerning the growing needs of information security, Scutech worked together with other subsidiaries of CEC and successfully developed the first completely homebred, autonomous and controllable backup and disaster recovery hardware-software integration platform that operates on domestic chips and operating systems. It also developed an all-in-one product for backup and disaster recovery, fundamentally eliminating the threat of national information security. Scutech upholds the notion of “Develop Chinese software, innovate top technology” and the spirit of “Focus, Innovation, Cooperation, Persistence”, it gradually makes its way into international market and develops into an internationally reputable brand.

    • Continuous innovation

    Our independently developed backup and disaster recovery integration platform covers the backup for application files, databases, operating systems and virtualization platforms. It features zero data loss, business takeover and disaster recovery drill; meanwhile it can achieve level-to-level administration, alerting, reporting and other operation and maintenance management functions. Our data protection products are cost-effective, user-friendly and can efficiently protect data.

    • Professional technical team

    Technical team:

    Research team – PhD candidate or US doctorates

    Developing team – Bachelor or above

    Key researchers – Senior engineers engaged in software development for many years

    Expert team:

    Academicians from IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

    Dean of School of Software Engineering of USTC

    Dean of School of Computer and Software of South China Normal University

    Professors from SCUT (South China University of Technology), Sun Yat-Sen University and Ji’nan University

    Reserve forces:

    A practice base for School of Software of USTC

    Cooperation project with Sun Yat-Sen University, SCUT, Ji’nan University and Clemson University

    • Professional service and customer-oriented

    It provides comprehensive evaluation, installation, training and disaster recovery drill through 24/7 phone, online and mail services.

    Post services include: examination and evaluation of software environment; on-site installation; on-site training; software patch update; hardware warranty; data migration; disaster recovery drill; system operation and maintenance; custom services, etc.

  • James  Wang        CEO

    As the founder of Scutech, James Wang has served as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Scutech since 2009. James is responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the company.

    James spent over 23 years in Backup and DR (Disaster Recovery) arena, with companies including Computer Associate, Seagate Software, Veritas, etc. James has served as Senior Software Engineer at Veritas from 1999 to 2002 where he has particpated in the development of Backup Exec. In 2002, he was hired by Clemson Univeristy and has worked as a professor in the School of Computing ever since.

    James is PhD supervisor and Tenured Professor of Clemson University. He is a senior member of IEEE and ACM.

    James earned his master's degree from Univeristy of Science and Technology of China in 1993, and a PhD in Computer Science from University of Central Florida in 2001.

     Martin Ma           CTO

    As Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Scutech, Martin Ma is responsible for the management of Scutech's R&D and technological needs. Martin's expertise and insight made it possible to create a family of innovative products which are continuously developed by his effective R&D team.

    A seasoned developer, Martin has over 14 years of experience developing backup software. He graduated from Sun Ya-sen University in 2004 and was a former System Architect of NewTech Infosystems (NTI). The data backup software he developed has been widely used on Toshiba’s mobile HDD.

    Martin joined Scutech as System Architect in 2009, and he presently serves as CTO.