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DBackup - A safeguard for the College of Humanities & Sciences of Northeast Normal University

Schools, especially higher education institutions, are a cradle of national education, a base for scientific research, and the engine behind social progress. However, the importance of information security in higher education institutions has been substantially underestimated, leaving universities vulnerable to potential information invasion and leak and turning into a hunting ground for criminals.  

Some might argue this is exaggerating. Well, let the sad facts talk. In May 2015, the Economic Information Daily combed through data from an anonymous loophole response platform and found out that between April 2014 to March 2015, there are up to 3,495 active loopholes on 1,088 university websites, in which there are 2,611 high-risk loopholes, taking up 74.7%, 691 mid-risk, 19.8% and 193 low-risk, 5.5%. Criminals may take advantage of the loopholes and tragedies happen. In Aug 2016, the whole nation was stunned at a girl, an about-to-be freshman of Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications got involved in a fraud and lost her tuition fees. She soon died of a heart attack on her way back home from the police station. Two days later, same thing happened again to another sophomore who also later died of a heart attack.

Unfortunately, such things happen more than just occasionally. In Nov 2016, a 10GB zip file swept across the internet containing nude photos and videos of female college students and was sold to netizens ranging from 50 to 100 per pic. Around 167 female students from 25 universities were involved, including their personal info, contact details of their close ones, and a naked picture of themselves holding their identity card.

Information leak through loopholes in university websites is undoubtedly, the best feeding a criminal could ever ask for.

On one hand, with the campus system covering a wider range of services such as teaching service, scientific research, student life and administration, both the faculty and students heavily rely on it to conduct academic work, put in for teaching resources, arrange/submit assignments and even purchase groceries. Any malfunction to the system can affect normal operation of the university.

Worse still, it may leave confidential data of important scientific projects vulnerable to potential invasion. The results can be unbearable.

On the other hand, data security in universities are not attached enough importance as network security construction. Some universities don’t even back up their data or simple back up certain business applications manually, which is lengthy and cannot guarantee a successful recovery.

Information security demands of universities

The College of Humanities & Sciences of Northeast Normal University has several systems like the system for course selection, system for certification, system for scientific research and an official website. Services are put online, but without any protection. data is growing exponentially. Incidents like viruses, maloperation, malicious tampering with course scores, could corrupt data or even paralyze the system. Therefore, it is extremely important to address backup and recovery issue of the system.


Support for heterogeneous production environment

As there are different OSs and application architecture in the production system, heterogeneous backup should be deployed.


Provides a user-friendly interface that allows operators to easily understand the process and configure and complete backup easily.


One of the main purposes of a backup system is to provide data protection for the business system, which makes stability and reliability a critical quality of a backup product. The software must be 100% compatible with OS and application systems in order to successfully back up and restore data in case of a disaster.

High availability

Off-site replication should also be enabled to make sure important data can be retrieved either from a local or off-site storage for quick recovery.


A cost-effective solution to safeguard the ever-growing hosts and applications in an information system.


Scutech deploys a turn-key data protection solution with InfoKist to meet data protection demands. The solution is also open for future expansion. Topology is as follows:

Install backup clients on production servers (such as: course selection system, certification system, scientific research system, the website), connect InfoKist to user network, set up backup policy, then InfoKist will automatically start backup according to the strategy and transfer backup data to InfoKist.


All-round protection of application systems

InfoKist restores data quickly and saves users from a tedious reinstallation and reconfiguration process of applications.

Optimal investment return

As a professional all-in-one hardware-software appliance, InfoKist costs less and is easy to manage.

High availability and high-level security

Its HA architecture and off-site disaster recovery feature improve system availability, enhance business continuity and ensure uninterrupted operation of key applications. It also applies multiple security technologies and data protection measures to significantly improve security and guarantee smooth operation of business systems.

As a member of state team of information security, Scutech is committed to scientific innovation in education industry, assist in informatization of universities and create a shield of data security for universities!

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