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What does it need to secure Zhejiang Daily Press Group data? Let the fact speaks for itself!


Founded in 2000, Zhejiang Daily Press Group owns 38 mainstream media and new media such as It has been nominated as ‘World Media 500’ twice in 2013 and 2014 respectively. Despite the whole traditional media industry is experiencing a downturn, the group has shown steady growth in revenues and profits.

Currently, the group has deployed 29 virtualization platforms and 190 VMs to run its various applications and systems. It hopes, by deploying a single backup product, to back up the VMs to the appliance with LANFREE technology and restore corrupted data or VM to a point-in-time. The backup product should also be able to back up various backup modules including VMs, databases, files, etc. and be compatible with heterogeneous platforms.


The backup product should not change the current network architecture and utilize existing resources to reduce cost;

It should occupy minimum system resources;

It should support all OSs, databases and mainstream virtualization platforms;

Features backup data categorization and management and pin point data in a quick and accurate manner;

Features authorization grading of operators and provides logs for auditing;

It should be able to resume from broken download during backup, recovery and remote replication jobs;

Features reporting function to customize weekly/monthly/yearly report;

The backup product should also have the following advantages:

Reliability: backup data should be reliable and stored safely;

Ease of management: easily manage backupmedia, backup strategy, backup resources, etc.

Lower cost: utilize existing resources and lower cost;

Scalability: a scalable architecture to meet future demands.


The plan possesses the following advantages:

1.      High performance. Devices deployed should not only be able to cope with current system demands but also potential demands in the near future.

2.     Cost-effectiveness. Apply appliances that are both economical and technologically advanced to better adapt to future development. Also, make sure the hardware is massively produced and commonly used so it should be easy to repair or replace in case of malfunction in the future.

3.     Stability. Use mainstream products to ensure high quality and stability and improve anti-jamming capability of the system.

4.     Openness. The system should be scalable and update constantly to adapt to future demands. It should also be able to add new functions in case of change of environment or system demands.

5.     Compatibility. Make sure the application is compatible with the system and use standard ports for easy data exchange and other operations.

6.     Ease of maintenance. A reliable and stable device can significantly reduce maintenance cost. Preparing a technological manual and training against relevant personnel are also necessary.


  • Backup

Applies D2D technology to simplify backup/recovery process and improve performance;

Resuming from broken download improves backup efficiency and reduces network occupation;

LANFREE solution guarantees a high-speed backup without interfering with the Ethernet.

  • Recovery

Agent-free deployment for virtualization platforms

Fast remote recovery

Granular recovery

  • High reliability

Backs up backup media and path to prevent data loss caused by malfunctioned media

Index recovery to prevent data loss due to meta data corruption

Automatically detects tape media and driver to ensure data availability

  • Cost-effectiveness

Compatible with various backup media to reduce investment on physical devices

Reduces investment on human resources as it requires much less (1~2) personnel to take care of the system

Data of subsidiary companies will all be transmitted to the data center at headquarter for off-site backup to cut down repeated investments

Application snapshot module to reduce total cost

  • Manageability and ease of operation

A user-friendly GUI in Chinese for customers to easily maintain his clients and storage resources

A comprehensive yet easy to use strategy management interface for customers to set up their own data plan

Reporting function allows it to monitor and analyze the system and relevant resources

Supports off-site maintenance and management

User access control to prevent unauthorized data access and tampering

A unified interface to manage the whole backup and storage system

Automatically adds new databases into backup job to prevent data security loop hole due to negligence

  • Scalability

Adapt to future data management IT architecture

Supports all mainstream virtualization platforms

Supports all mainstream storage and backup devices

Can scale out to meet demands for data backup, recovery and archive