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DBackup - VM protection module

It provides a complete backup solution for virtualization platforms, by backing up a VM to the storage server and retaining several backup points-in-time, it restores data in a safe and secure manner in case of VM crash, data loss, corrupted application or host damage.


  • Quick deployment

It requires no extra software on either the host or the VM to successfully back up a VM.

  • User-friendliness

It has 3 backup modes: agent, agent-free and no-agent. In no-agent mode, users can do backup directly through a web panel without going through all the procedures of installing agents and other stuff.

  • Synthetic backup

For data of large volume, it synthesizes a full backup set and subsequent incremental backup sets to generate a new full backup set, which significantly shortens backup time and network occupation.

  • Integrated backup

Supports popular virtual platform backup such as VMWare, Hyper-V and FusionSphere in integrated environment.

  • Smart compression

Applies smart compression algorithm to significantly reduce storage occupation and IT budgets.

  • Accurate data deduplication

Source-end-based deduplication technology significantly reduces data redundancy by data fingerprint comparison and optimizes enterprise storage utilization.

  • Dynamic monitoring

A graphic interface displays backup and recovery job progress to keep users informed of what is going on.

  • Support for various virtualization platforms

Virtualization platforms such  as VMWare, Hyper-V, Xen, Xen Server, KVM, FusionSphere, H3C CAS, etc.

Fast restore

Supports file-level restore.

Restores a VM within seconds with our VM instant recovery technology.