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Off-site disaster recovery

Traditionally, backup data will be stored locally and it would be impossible to restore in case of natural disasters such as fire, earthquakes, etc. This is where our off-site disaster recovery can help.

Scutech has put forward the notion ‘Two places, three centers’, which means by storing the same backup set on different nodes of different servers in different places, we can restore the backup either to the original or an alternate machine in the local center or in an off-site center once the local backup set is corrupted or lost.

Our advantages include:

1.      DBackup periodically backs up backup index to restore host environment in case of a disaster in production center.

2.     It keeps several copies of the same backup data in various locations and update them in real time to ensure consistency.

3.     It stores backup data of the DBackup system both in local and off-site storage pools, therefore, backup data in an off-site pool can be restored directly. DBackup makes recovery simpler.

4.     Reduced investment on network infrastructure. DBackup can still manage to complete backup data replication among several sites under poor network and resume broken download from where it was stopped in case of network failure. Users do not necessarily have to invest a proprietary network to communicate between local and off-site centers.