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DBackup - OS protection module

   Users can back up a Linux or Windows system with a simple-designed GUI, restore it from a boot disk with the latest backup and recover the OS to its normal state.


  • OS backup

   It periodically backs up the OS according to your backup strategy and supports both full and incremental backup, which significantly shortens backup window and the volume of data to back up.

  • OS recovery

   Support for BMR (Bare-metal recovery) of the system, achieving fast disaster recovery without spending a ton of time redeploying the environment.

  • Upgrade & migration of the server

   A complete solution for update, migration and deployment of the server that has support for P2P, P2V and V2V OS recovery from a physical/virtual machine to a physical/virtual machine.

Characteristics and advantages

  • Hot backup

   Backs up the system while it is being used, data will not be exposed for possible leakage or loss.

  • Protection of popular OSs

   Support for backup and recovery of any Linux and Windows version.

  • User-friendly interface

   A simple GUI that guides users through the process of backing up and recovering the system in a much easier manner, compared with other software that requires users to input command lines.

  • Granular backup

   1. Support for MBR in MS-DOS

   2. Support for backup of partition table of MS-DOS and GPT

  • Block-level incremental backup technology

   Realizes incremental backup of the OS and utilizes storage spaces more efficiently.

  • Efficient backup

1.  Features uninterrupted periodic backup capability with its scheduling algorithm

2.  Features data compression algorithm to meet various customer demands upon backup rate and storage space.

  • Fast restore

   Restore partial or all data of the system with a boot disk or USB drive. It restores and put the system up and running again in the shortest time, minimizing the downtime caused by a disaster.