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DBackup – File protection module

   With information volume getting larger and more complex, enterprises using a traditional backup tool would often find themselves unable to do backup or backup could be lengthy. Let our new ‘Backup cloud’ technology help. This new technology targets file backup and build a robust yet simple-to-use backup system for you.

It features:

  • Enterprise-level file protection in heterogeneous environment

   Back up, synchronize and recover files on Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris, HP-UX and NeoKylin under Loongson/FT architecture.

  • Fast backup of small files

   Accelerates backup speed by 10~20 times with its multi-level indexing and parallel processing technology for data acquisition.

  • File backup on the cloud

   Build a ‘private backup cloud’ or ‘public backup cloud’ in internal network or on the internet to provide seamless backup service for customers.

  • External verification of backup sets

   Use MD5 checksum files to verify the integrity of recovered data and ensure that it is consistent with the backup files.

  • Synthetic backup

   Performs incremental backup after initial full backup and periodically synthesizes its existing full backup set with incremental backup sets to generate a new full backup set, avoiding a lengthy periodic full backup and heavy pressure on network.

  • Easy to manage

   The ‘backup cloud’ integrates all backups for unified management and monitoring through a web console and has support for providing service in SaaS mode. This way, it does not require customers to configure, manage or maintain the system and makes it much easier for users to do backup and recovery.