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New InfoKist models about to be released

Director: Action!

Shopping adviser: Sir, what are you looking for?

Customer: I am looking for a backup and CDP device.

Shopping adviser: We have a disaster recovery software that includes backup and CDP.

Customer: I am looking for an all-in-one machine.

Shopping adviser: Okay, this one here is our all-in-one machine.

Customer: But wouldn’t they fight for resources if they are all stuffed in one machine.

Shopping adviser: Well, how about a backup all-in-one and CDP all-in-one? They won’t fight for resources and still integrate all features needed.

Customer: This way it will increase cost and add burden on management.

Shopping adviser: Sorry, I don’t think there are any other products in the market that meet your demands.

Director: Cut! According to the latest news, Scutech is about to release three new InfoKist models. You can have it both ways now!

Headline today

New InfoKist models, including InfoKist-DKC (Backup plus CDP), InfoKist-DKH (Backup plus HA) and InfoKist-DKT(Backup plus Takeover) will be released REAL SOON!!!

It has two different deployments:

Deployment I has: 2U+Dual-node server, Intel G612 high-performance Chipset, 48G memory, up to 12 3.5’’ hot-pluggable SATA/SAS hard drive and 6*1G Ethernet.

Deployment II has: 2U+dual-node server, Intel G612 high-performance Chipset, 64G memory, up to 32 2.5’’ hot-pluggable NLSAS hard drive and 6*1G Ethernet.

The new InfoKist models deploy shared architecture with shared battery, heat dissipation, management and bandwidth to achieve high efficiency. With our new InfoKist models, you can enjoy:

Backup: focuses on protection of massive data across files, databases, applications, operating systems and VMs. In case a disaster strikes, it will restore data quickly, accurately and completely to minimize economic loss of enterprises.

CDP: continuous protection of volume-level data. Captures change of logs in the system and stores them on the backup appliance, which can be used to perform point-in-time recovery in case of a data disaster to meet higher RTO and RPO requirements.

HA: Shared/mirror HA-clustering solution to build a multi-node clustering environment and server takeover mechanism to ensure 24*7 uninterrupted operation and avoid potential data and economic loss due to SPOF.


Simplified deployment and management process. As the device integrates two servers added with backup/CDP/HA features, it is deployed and managed as one machine, allowing users to manage the appliance effortlessly.

Optimal utilization of resources. Our new InfoKist models is an agile yet efficient platform to share storage and network resources between nodes. Resources are adjusted real-time for eachassignment and utilization ratio is improved.

Reduced cost. Significantly reduces initial purchase expenditure, space occupation, electricity consumption and OAM cost.

Director: Action!

Shopping adviser: Let me guess, you are looking for a device that integrates two modules in one appliance and is simple to deploy and manage. Here is the recently released InfoKist models by Scutech Corporation with backup and CDP(or HA, takeover if you prefer) embedded in one.

Customer: Very well…