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Off-site disaster recovery solution for Guangdong Provincial E-government Cloud


   As Guangdong Provincial E-government data center stores data of various government departments and backs up e-government cloud platform, it is crucial and of great urgency to build an off-site disaster recovery center to prevent potential data loss in case of a natural disaster, fire, or other unpredictable scenarios. The off-site center should be located at least 100 km away from its local center in Guangzhou and is responsible for constant backup of business data to ensure data security.


   The solution should realize off-site disaster recovery of provincial e-government data; it should also meet level-3 requirement of Classified Protection of Information System Security and level-4 of Specification for Disaster recovery of Information Systems to improve data security and ensure business continuity.


   Deploy InfoKist on each center and connect via a dedicated government network to ensure government data security across various regions.

   A PB-class backup data storage pool to protect massive government data including files, databases, OSs, VMs and office applications.

   Remote backup data replication and deduplication technology plus a dedicated secure network restores data remotely in case of a disaster in local center.

   A disaster recovery management platform to manage backup resources and systems in different regions and integrate information such as job progress, backup data statistics and reporting to ease the burden on maintenance personnel.

(: equipment assembled, tested and ready to be delivered to client)

   Protect e-government system in case of system malfunction and data corruption and restore it with the latest copy and archive data in a quick and safe manner. The solution has met level-3 requirement of Classified Protection of Information System Security and level-4 of Specification for Disaster Recovery of Information Systems.

   The console monitors and manages client resources, backups, jobs and alerts from various regions and by integrating and analyzing such information from multiple dimensions and displaying results in a graphical way, it simplifies management process and reduces workload of personnel. Such solution can well adapt to the large yet complex production environment of the e-government system and meet a higher disaster recovery management standard.