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  •    InfoSync is a newly released system for real-time database synchronization even in heterogeneous environments. It includes various features across performance, reliability and scalability. With a mature relational data model and standard ports, it has flexible topology and achieves instant data synchronization at minimal system occupation. InfoSync could be widely applied in emergency systems, disaster recovery, load balancing, data migration, online maintenance, subscription/distribution, multi-business center, etc.

       InfoSync can realize instant data synchronization on the fly; it relieves burden on business system by capturing change of logs compared with traditional ETL tools which may affect the business system when creating triggers and shadow tables; the standby database could also provide data service like from the standby database to external world instead of being a sole backup device .

  • Open and scalable architecture

      Compatible with various heterogeneous data platforms. Users can customize topology flexibly.

    Business system HA

       Real-time data synchronization with minimal influence on master database. It instantly switches to the standby to ensure business continuity and minimize data loss.

    Efficient real-time synchronization

       Paralleling processing technology allows it to read master database log in real time and synchronize massive files with minimal system occupation.

    Reliable data transmission

       It ensures integrity of backup data and consistency between master database and standby database.

    Read-write standby system

       The standby system could partake workload of master server and improve efficiency.

    Custom data synchronization strategy

       Users can filter unnecessary data and only synchronize the data they want to reduce cost and network traffic.

    Quick and easy deployment

       The software is quick and easy to deploy which eases the burden on admin. It can perform a full synchronization at initial startup without interrupting business.

    Supports various platforms

    Supports DM 6, DM 7, Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g. It can also connect to popular RDBMS (Relational Database Management Systems) via ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) ports.

    • A system for emergency takeover and disaster recovery
      InfoSync can synchronize data from the master database to the standby within seconds and complies to business processing logic. It reads logs from externally in which way it poses almost zero impact on the master database and requires no complex deployment.
      Improved resource utilization ratio and a multi-business center
      It adopts an independent read-write database as the standby that ensures data integrity and consistent business processing logic.
      A solution for integrating heterogeneous information
      Its features such as highly scalable topology, real-time heterogeneous synchronization and ETL (Extract, transform and load) allows users to reduce investments and integrate heterogeneous data real-time.
      Data migration and system update
      poses zero impact on production system. It also generates an authentic copy of current business database and allows a smooth system upgrading by switching from main to backup database