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DBackup - Database protection module

   This module performs backup and disaster recovery of databases on heterogeneous platforms and provides a unified console for monitoring and management of backup systems in different locations. It also provides a high-reliability and high-availability solution for enterprises.

  • Support for enterprise-level database protection in heterogeneous environment

   Support for popular databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase, DB2, Informix, MongoDB domestic databases such as DM, Kingsoft and so on in OSs like Windows, Linux, AIX, Solaris and HP-UX.

  • Full-range protection for Oracle databases

   DBackup has been certified by Oracle BSP. It provides full/incremental/synthetic backup and continuous log real-time protection for Oracle databases. Users can easily back up and restore a database/file/tablespace/table on a graphical interface, saving themselves from lines and lines of codes. Core data of enterprises will be in safe hands with DBackup.

  • Asynchronous off-site disaster recovery

   Its unique asynchronous off-site disaster recovery technology can provide data protection under existing networking conditions, saving enterprises from investing in dedicated bandwidth; in case of unstable network, it can resume broken download from local caching and improve backup and recovery efficiency.

  • Support for various backup and recovery methods

   Support for full/incremental/log backup and media/point-in-time/automated disaster recovery.

  • Support for real-time synchronization of databases

   Support for real-time synchronization on master node, scheduled synchronization, read-only queries from standby node during synchronization process and manual switch between master/standby databases.

  • One-key business takeover

   Support for real-time synchronization of configuration files, customizable startup order of applications, ganged takeover of databases and automated IP floating. With this feature, business system can run smoothly even in case of a disaster.

  • High-density data compression and deduplication

   Compress and deduplicate data to reduce network traffic and improve backup efficiency.