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SCUTECH Wechat QR Code

Scutech joined the strategic alliance

   Congratulations! On December 27 2015, Scutech has officially joined the Strategic Alliance of Technological Innovation in Security Software and Hardware Industries (hereinafter referred to as ‘the Alliance’).

   The Alliance was founded in 2011 and was selected as a pilot program of the Ministry of Science and Technology for industrial and technological innovation. It has gathered many domestic software & hardware manufacturers of CPUs, OSs, databases and other key parts as well as R&D institutions. So far, more than 30 institutions and enterprises have been admitted into the Alliance such as Beijing Loongson,China National Software & Services, etc.

   The Alliance aims to jointly promote technological innovation of security software & hardware and solve common and unique technological problems in industrial development. It is also committed to promoting a healthy development of security software & hardware industries.